Industrias Deriplom's products are marketed in many countries around the world.

Lead oxides, as well as lead alloys and other by-products made by the company, are mainly used by the industry to manufacture other products:

  • Electrical batteries for cars, trains, ships and submarines;
  • Batteries for power stations in general and mobile telephone services;
  • Ceramic frits to manufacture ceramic and enameled products, special glasses and other general ceramic applications;
  • Inorganic pigments and anti-corrosive paints;
  • Polymer stabilizer for the plastic industry;
  • Fireworks products.

Different types of lead shot pellets are used to manufacture hunting cartridges or target shooting by world prestigious companies as well as a wide market of sport shooters who use them for reloading purposes in different forms of target shooting, mainly in the United States.

Lead sheets are mainly used for:

  • X- and Gamma-Ray protection;
  • Sound reduction (e.g., ship engine rooms);
  • Protection against corrosion (weather, sea and acid)
  • Ventilation ducts and roof coatings in the construction industry.