The quality of its products and the continuous improvement of processes carried out by the company on a daily basis, are the pillars of the company’s philosophy.

Management System Certification

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We strongly believe that quality certification is the best way to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

ndustrias Deriplom is a certified company under ISO 9001:2015. Under said standards the Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy of the company has been drawn up. It contains the principles that rule all the activity of the company. The commitment to quality has been made by the upper management and, it also involves all the people who are members of the organization. Ultimately, success depends on the competencies, knowledge and experience of all the members of the company.


Focused on meeting the needs of customers, the community and our staff, the company's policies with regard to quality, environmental protection and safety are as follows:

  1. Our policy consists of providing our customers with the best products to meet all expectations.
  2. Our policy is to act pursuant to all contractual terms agreed upon with each client, at the lowest possible cost while achieving the highest satisfaction level, efficiently manufacturing high quality products, in a simple, safe and cost-effective manner.
  3. Our policy complies with all legislation in force and commitments subscribed to in the program "Responsible Care of the Environment” (CIQ and PQ) in regard to safety, occupational health and environmental protection.
  4. Our aim is to obtain reasonable business profitability, and support the self-actualization of our officers and employees in a strictly ethical scenario. To this end, our policy is to train, motivate and qualify our staff by means of training and motivational programs.
  5. Our aims and objectives are committed to ongoing improvement in order to optimize performance in all aspects of the current policy.
  6. Introducing and complying with a Preventive Maintenance Plan for all critical equipment that could negatively affect the product quality or the environment.

It is vital for our future to assume the non-delegable responsibility of taking care of the environment in which we develop our products and practices.
In essence, our management success depends on the sum of expertise, know-how and business experience fostered by our organization.