We firmly believe that Deriplom's practices should promote its neighboring community's growth.

We understand that the activity of Deriplom must promote the growth of its neighboring community. Our priority, therefore, is to favor local development and we do it through these three lines of action:

Assistance, Education and Support for Microenterprises.

With the conviction that in order to contribute to our neighboring community, we first had to meet all the actors, we made a survey in the social organizations of the neighborhood, establishing a radius of action that would allow us to link up with the organizations closest to the plant. This action was very important because it allowed us to know in depth how organizations operate, identifying their needs and defining the best way to intervene in them, according to the capabilities and strengths of our company.

Some of our latest actions:

· Cooking, Nutrition and Healthy Eating Workshop, School No. 62 "Alfonsina Storni". East Lanús. Excellent call (26 moms + 2 dads). Grupo remained the 2.5 hours of workshop involved. We have the support of the Director, Susana Pedatella, who welcomed the thank you to Deriplom who is always present, accompanying the school community, and strengthening.

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· Payment of medical emergencies to School No. 62 "Alfonsina Storni";
· Participation in the Science Fair of School No. 62 "Alfonsina Storni";
· We received 6th grade students from Primary School No. 62 "Alfonsina Storni" in our plant, since it was invited by the University of Lanús (UNLA) to participate in the "Together for a Better World" Environmental Leaders contest . To do this, the children had to investigate the impact of lead on the health of people and the environment. The children were accompanied by the school principal and a teacher, and were received by the manager of the plant, the Safety and Hygiene Engineer and the Production Manager. Initially they were welcomed and they were shown a presentation to tell them the history of Deriplom and the activity it develops. Then, the productive processes were explained, followed by a tour of the factory. We brought them back together so the Engineer could explain to them how Deriplom operates responsibly, so as not to put the health of people and the planet at risk. They were given a snack, material and a gift were given to each student and they were dismissed.
It is important to note that this school won the 1st Prize of the contest, with the benefit of its course with a trip to Chapadmalal to be held in the month of December.

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Support for Microenterprises
With the assurance that companies have a lot to contribute in the solidarity economy, we are working with the Neighborhood Board of Villa Porá to realize a dream of that community. It is a micro-enterprise so that women from that neighborhood can develop in the craft of sewing. Recently Deriplom bought the towels for the staff of the factory.